Primary 1st cycle - Sample unit: THE FROG

Lotus finds a frog in the park. The frog only croaks in reply to any questions so she calls it ‘Croaky’. She decides to take it home with her and she puts it in a box.

Hocus comes homes and sees Lotus hiding the box behind her back. At first Lotus insists that there is nothing there but the frog croaks and jumps about and she is forced to admit that she has a frog in the box. She promises to look after Croaky.

However, the next morning Croaky is silent and still. Lotus tries to feed him but to no avail. She thinks Croaky is dead and calls Hocus alarmed. Croaky is still alive but they decide that a box is not the best place for a frog and they let him go free in the park again.


Teacher's guide: The Frog