Primary 3rd cycle EKI - Sample unit 6th: JUNIOR CHEFS

Project in brief

This unit is the second of Primary 6. Across the subjects, the pupils will be looking at how people try to make their lives better.

Food and cooking play a very important part in our daily lives and in our health and survival.

What food is good for us? What food do people eat in different parts of the world and what are the typical customs for eating? How do we prepare healthy food? How do we describe the food we prepare? We will look at these issues in English.

The competence for this unit is the following:

The pupil, by applying their knowledge of nutrition and health and safety and social conventions, describe (orally and in writing) both the process of preparing food and the finished product, and gives their opinions according to given criteria and using the appropriate language.

In order to achieve this competence, pupils will first learn about food and nutrition and how to store and prepare food safely. Then, they will look at recipes from home and abroad and how to write a recipe. In the third module, the pupils will look at good table etiquette and how to describe food (sandwiches).

For the final task they will take part in the Junior Sandwich Chef show day where they will have to:

  1. design and prepare their sandwiches and write a written description of them.
  2. serve their sandwiches and describe them orally.
  3. give their opinions and feedback on their classmates’ sandwiches.

Literature will be used in the form of stories and songs to support the theme.