Primary 1st cycle - The Adventures of Hocus & Lotus

THE ADVENTURES OF HOCUS AND LOTUS is a set of story based materials for teaching languages to young learners, conceived in an award winning co-operative European venture. This publication has been prepared for use with 6 - 8 year olds in the first and second years of Primary.

The children participate in shared story telling experiences or ‘formats’ (routines of shared experiences) led by the teacher, where they live out recognisable and involving life experiences and they learn the contextualised language.

The method is supported by materials to explore the language of the stories (6 per year) further through storybooks, puppet stages and songs for the pupils, and teaching proposals to support the children in generalising their emergent language to their own lives and other school topics and situations. The written language is introduced in its natural context; through stories, instructions, simple texts and when the pupils are familiar with the oral version.