Primary 1st cycle - The Adventures of Hocus & Lotus

▪  The Adventures of Hocus & Lotus: level 1

1- Are you my mummy?

Hocus and Lotus, two little dinocrocs, are walking in the park, when they see an egg. Nobody knows what sort of egg it is until suddenly, it cracks, and Birdie hatches. Birdie starts to look for her mummy.


4- Rat's treasure

Lotus wants to dance but Hocus is sleepy so Lotus goes out into the park with her ball. Rat picks up her ball and wants to swop it for one of his treasures. Lotus swops the ball for a music player and takes it home to dance.


2- Fire

One day Lotus decides to make pancakes but is distracted by a fly and the kitchen catches fire. The fire brigade arrive and put out the fire but the pancakes are burnt.


5- Hocus' birthday

Lotus pretends to have forgotten Hocus’ birthday and while he goes out for a walk in he park, Lotus phones all the friends and organizes a surprise party. The friends have to hide their presents from Hocus as they cross the park to party.


3- The Giant

Hocus sees a strange tree in the park with a winding staircase and climbs to the top. Unfortunately above the clouds, he meets Bogus the giant who is hungry and wants to eat the little dinocroc. Hocus jumps and finds himself in his house next to his bed.


6- The photograph

When Rat announces that he is going away for the summer, Hocus and Lotus decide they want to take a photo. The friends nearly get into big trouble when Rat steals a camera from a girl, but when they explain the problem, she agrees to take a picture of them.

▪  The Adventures of Hocus & Lotus: level 2

1- Rat comes back

Hocus and Lotus receive a postcard from their friend, Rat. He is due back from his holiday at any minute. They run off to meet Rat at the bus stop, eager to hear about his holiday and to see if he has brought a present.


4- The frog

Lotus finds a frog in the park and takes it home as a pet and tries to hide it from Hocus. The frog is not happy in his new home and Lotus decides to set it free again in the park.


2- Rat´s adventure

Rats gives Hocus and Lotus a feather; a magic feather. Rat tells of his adventures in Africa, the different animals he met and how he got the magic feather.


5- Chocolate

Hocus and Lotus are preparing a tea party for Rat. When Hocus goes out to buy lemonade, Lotus eats the chocolate and is sick. While they are waiting for the doctor, Rat arrives with a present; more chocolate!


3- The magic feather

Lotus goes into the park with the magic feather that Rat gave her. At first she has no success but she then discovers how to make the feather work its magic and she tries it out on her friends in the park.


6- Travelling

The friends in the park prepare to go on a summer trip. Hocus and Lotus pack their bags, go to the bus stop, take a photo and temporarily forget Birdie before setting off.