Primary 2nd cycle EKI - Sample unit 4th: PEDAL POWER

Project in brief

In this third unit of the 4th grade, the pupils are working on travelling.
In English, we will look at means of transport in general and then we will focus on the bicycle; the parts, the uses, the history, the races, as well as a story and song/s.

The pupils will know about:

  • types and uses of bicycles
  • parts and functions of bicycles
  • bicycle safety
  • history of bicycles
  • the Tour
  • aspects of sustainability and inclusivity

The pupils will:

  • apply thinking skills to find out about relation of parts of the bike to the whole
  • work collaboratively to design a route
  • plan and evaluate bicycles designs
  • read / act out a story
  • reproduce some songs
  • identify (and apply) aspects of bike safety
  • value the bicycle as a sustainable and inclusive means of transport
  • reflect on their work and progress

The competence for this unit is the following:

The pupil, after working with information about bicycles - provided from various sources - will use their knowledge to design some bicycles, describing their parts and uses, using the appropriate language worked on and showing a responsible and inclusive attitude to cycling and bike users.

The pupils will look at different means of transport before concentrating on the bicycle. They will look at types of bikes, uses for bikes, bike safety, parts of bikes and the functions of those parts. They will also look at how the bicycle has changed over the years. A true story of a racing grandfather is used to talk about inclusivity and bike races e.g. the Tour.

For the final task, the pupils will apply their knowledge of the functions of the parts of the bicycle to make sketch adaptations of bikes to answer to specific needs.