Secondary 2nd cycle - History sample unit: AN AGE OF CONFLICT

In this third unit, “An Age of Conflict”, we will have the two Axes, the First and the Second World War, and we will deduce the antecedents, the war itself and the consequences of the two wars.

First of all we will learn about the antecedents of the Great War: the colonial system (its causes, development, and consequences), the alliances between various states, and the Balkans problem. After summarising the causes of the war, we will learn about the war itself, its characteristics and novelties. 

After that, we will look at the consequences of the war, which turn out to be the characteristics of the Inter-war period and the causes of the Second World War: the Russian Revolution, the economic Crisis of 1929, the crisis of the liberal systems, the appearance of Fascism, and Hitler’s route to the war. 

We will finish the block mentioning the characteristics of the Second World War, the differences between the first and the second, and their consequences. 

At the end of the unit we will see a very short section about Art, focused on Painting, requiring the students to identify the different movements of this period. UNIT

Teacher's guide: An age of conflict (1870-1945)