Secondary 3rd cycle - Sciences Sense


1. What is Science?

General introduction to "Sicence Sense". On this course the students are going to learn about contemporary science, that is, science today. But what does “Science” mean?


2. Earth and Life

As a tribute to the great man Douglas Adams, the students are going to hitchhike on their ideas and take a trip around the history of our little “gas covered planet”:

  • “How did the Earth come about?” (Part 1 - The Formation of the Earth)
  • “How did life start?” (Part 2 - Life)
  • “Who am I?” (Part 3 - Human Life).

3. Advances in Biomedicine 

In this Unit, the students are first going to:

  • understand the different causes of disease, their symptoms, treatment and prevention, and
  • learn what we need to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

Once they have a good understanding of these basic principles, they are going to:

  • put into action the scientific method in designing and undertaking a science investigation,
  • learn to investigate a question related to health, and
  • learn to report the science investigation to your classmates.

4. The Genetic Revolution.


5. New Information and Communication Technology.


6. Research Project and Lab Component


7. How to