EKI Project

We work with schools
The world is changing fast, and one of the educational community’s main challenges is to encourage, develop and work on personal development. To that end, assistance with the teaching and learning process on which the EKI project is based, is offered to schools.

Consultancy and training

In order to adapt to the new educational model and put the EKI project’s innovative pedagogical model into practice, we use the experience we have built up over the years to help each school adapt the project to their own context.

The teacher is indispensable in the successful implementation of EKI. For this reason, it is our objective to help teachers with their continuous professional development. To do so, we offer training on the pedagogical approach, the new model, the digital environment, etc.

•   For orders and information from outside the Basque Country, contact:
               Inma Muñoa   |   imunoa@ehi.ikastola.eus   |    943 44 51 08